Hello! After a busy week finally we can deliver you the happiness in Holiday Program last year where we went to a fun and educational place called Froggy Edutography in BSD, Tangerang.

What’s so cool about Froggy? If you have ever heard about Howard Gardner‘s Multiple Intelligences (MI) Theory to find in what field we will excel, or if you have ever heard Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) by Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, then those two giants of children development theories — are what Froggy is all about.

We believe we would learn much from our trip to Froggy since the man behind Froggy’s educational programs is DR. Seto Mulyadi or our famous Kak Seto! So here is how it rolled from Snowy English Bintaro… We arrived at Froggy and we listened to the briefing from Froggy. They made us understand the rules and rewards during the trip. (Yes, there were rewards too if we can answer their quizzes!)

Froggy Castle tempat kunjungan anak-anak dari Snowy English Bintaro pada tanggal 24 November 2016

In Froggy, we were explained that there are 8 kinds of multiple intelligence:

  1. Visual Intelligence
  2. Kinesthetic Intelligence
  3. Musical Intelligence
  4. Natural Intelligence
  5. Intrapersonal Intelligence
  6. Interpersonal Intelligence
  7. Math & Logical Intelligence
  8. Linguistic Intelligence

At the end of the program, we are encouraged to set our dream and to develop our multiple intelligence by doing some practices.

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