Snowy English Photo & Video Competition

By Snowy English / January 25, 2017
Let's join Snowy English Photo / Video Competition and get a chance to win Special Hoverboard from Snowy English. Total prizes ~ 7 Million rupiahs! 6 winners (3 Best Photos and 3 Best Videos) will be receiving trophies and tuition vouchers 6 more winners (3 Most Liked Photos & 3 Most Liked Videos) in Facebook and Instagram will receive Snowy Merchandises and Shopping Vouchers.** How to win? Take a picture with Snowy Background at Snowy English Center, or make a video using Snowy English Song Theme : Period of Competition : January 17th - February 17th...

Mari Kenali Kecerdasan Anak Kita!

By Snowy English / January 06, 2017
Mari Kenali Kecerdasan dan Potensi Anak Kita. Pada dasarnya setiap anak dilahirkan sebagai Maha Karya Tuhan (God’s Master piece). Setiap anak memiliki kelebihan dan keunggulan masing-masing, yang apabila ditemukan oleh orang tuanya, lalu distimulasi dan dikembangkan dengan baik, maka potensi itu akan melejit, sehingga anak-anak akan tumbuh menjadi orang yang hebat dan mandiri, dan dapat bermanfaat tidak hanya untuk diri sendiri, namun juga untuk lingkungannya. Teori Kecerdasan Multipel (Multiple Intellegence Theory) yang dikembangkan oleh Howard Gardner mengungkapkan bahwa setiap manusia mempu...

Phonics Reading Program

By Snowy English / November 23, 2016
Our English Course Snowy English, has intensive reading program namely, "Amazing Phonics". Our phonics Curriculum is from US, and children are taught with phonics method. What is Phonics? Phonics is the relationship between letters and sounds in a word or language. By learning phonics, children could spell the words easily, and he or she will read with correct pronunciation and write the letters correctly. In our phonics class, children will experience fun activities! They will watch movie,read interesting books, play computer, learn with letter-play dough and word games to motivate their read...

Visit From Mr.Brian

By Snowy English / November 23, 2016
Our guest teacher from Australia, Mr. Brian Taylor came to our english course and taught us a lot of interesting things about his beloved country Australia. He told us story about Australian animals like Kangaroo, Koala, Wombat and Wallaby, we made some Australian arts and crafts and we sang Australian song together. Hope to see you again Mr. Brian!

Pizza Making in Pizza Express

By Snowy English / November 18, 2016
Pizza Making in Pizza Express Bintaro (Pembuatan Pizza di Pizza Express Bintaro) oleh siswa Snowy English Bintaro

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