Snowy Cares

By Snowy English / April 06, 2024

Snowy Cares is our annual Charity Program, raising fund for children in need. We had a Movie Week Program - students buy the movie ticket, enjoy the movie and get the snacks while giving donation.

Thank You for your participation Dear Students!

Snowy English Post Advance 3 Graduates

By Snowy English / April 06, 2024

Congratulations Snowy English Post Advance 3 Graduates!

We're honored to celebrate graduation with you! :Congratulations on your accomplishment, keep learning and wishing you the best in your future endeavors

Back to School

By Snowy English / April 06, 2024

Back to school sessions, activities in January 2024.

International Children's day

By Snowy English / June 26, 2023

International children's day is celebrated anually in June in different parts of the world. In Snowy English students were so excited they wore international costumes to celebrate this event.

Happy International children's Day!

Native Class with Mr Jerry Evans

By Snowy English / June 26, 2023

Mr Jerry Evans came to Snowy English Bintaro 9 and Snowy English Fortune Graha to celebrate International Children's Day.

Children learned about Egypt, wore International costumes and made Hawashi, traditional food from English.

Happy International Children's Day!

The Winners of English Presentation Competition, Show and Tell 2023

By Snowy English / May 19, 2023

Congratulations to the Winners of English Presentation, Show and Tell Competition 2023

Show and Tell Competition 2023

By Snowy English / March 29, 2023

Good luck Dear Students. Build your confidence and practice Public speaking


Snowy English Native Class with Mr. Michael from USA

By Snowy English / November 24, 2022

Topic: American symbols, icons and culture

We have reopened our center in Bintaro Sector 9

By Snowy English / September 23, 2022

We are glad to inform you the Re-Opening of our center in Bintaro Sector 9. Now our center is located at Nine Walk B5 Bintaro Sector 9.

For more information and free trial class schedule, please contact our customer service officer : 08777- 4323-933 and 0812-1360-1272

Snowy English has reopened Offline Class

By Snowy English / August 07, 2022

In July 2022, Snowy English has reopened an offline class located at Fortune Graha Raya, South Tangerang city

The full address is as follows:

Ruko Fortune Graha Bintaro, FB/C no 16 South Tangerang City

Location based on Google Map:

If you are interested in offline classes at Snowy English Graha, you can contact the following WA numbers:




Grand Opening Our New Branch in BSD

By Snowy English / February 21, 2020

Greetings to BSD Citizens :)

Snowy English BSD Now We're open in Ruko Golden Vienna BSD. Free registration for first 30 students.

For more information : 0813-1000-1275.

Making Donuts in JCo ! for early learners

By Snowy English / February 21, 2020

We learn some English vocabularies and learn how to make donuts in JCo. This program is for early learners students, and this will add their experience!

Advance Class Students : Watching English Movies in Cinema

By Snowy English / February 21, 2020

For Big Kids & Teens, we learn English in the cinema as we watch Movies together!

We had such a great time and hope to do it again next time!

Healthy Food : Fruits & Vegetables - Trip to Total Buah

By Snowy English / February 21, 2020

We don't only learn about healthy food in the class, but we also find and shop Fruits and Vegetables in Total Buah!

After shopping, we went back to Snowy English to make salad and healthy juice!


Snowy English Chef

By Snowy English / February 21, 2020

In Snowy English, we held Cooking Competition this month to develop student's creativity and also their English Public speaking skill.

They know the ingredients and how to say the cooking instructions in English. Well Done Kids!

Cooking Competition

By Snowy English / November 29, 2019

Get ready for Snowy English Cooking Competition for the whole week! Participants: Jumpers 2-Post Advance 3 Students.

1st Day Snowy English Cooking Competition with English presentation. Theme: Our Special Fried Rice!

Presentation & Public Speaking Skill Workshop

By Snowy English / November 27, 2019

Snowy English Presentation & Public Speaking Skill Workshop By: Mr. Michael Nicholson

Children learned about European culture

By Snowy English / November 27, 2019

Snowy English Native Teacher Session with Mr. Ed Gerrit.

Children learned about European culture, kids activities in Europe and flags of European countries.

We learned how to make apple pie, and tasted yummy bitterballen. Thank You Mr Ed!

Millenial Skills Workshop

By Snowy English / November 26, 2019

Learning can be fun and easy if we know the strategies :)

Snowy English Millenial Skills workshop By: Mr. Adin, Motivator and mind therapist for children and teenagers How to study Effectively

Fun Pizza in Pizza Hut Emerald

By Snowy English / November 25, 2019

Fun Pizza Making Snowy English in Pizza Hut Emerald Bintaro. We had so much fun. Let's do it again next time students !


International Children's Day with Native Speaker

By Snowy English / August 09, 2019

We celebrated Children's Day in Snowy English with Native Classs Session. We invited Mr. Imad Brookins from US. The event was so festive!

Children wore International Costumes, and we learned about Other Countries' culture.

Badges for The Brave Performers

By Snowy English / August 09, 2019

We held a show and tell performance for the students. And they participated entusiatically. The Parents and the teachers gave the brave performers the badges!


Activities in our class

By Snowy English / August 09, 2019

In Snowy English class, we learned English with various activities. We can develop their creativity skills too. Learning is so much Fun!

Visit to Pet Shop

By Snowy English / August 09, 2019

The topic in the class was about Jobs. And one of them is "Veterinarian/Vet" or animal Doctor.

We visited Vet and asked her about the experiences in doing this Job. We also met cute pets there!


Show and Tell Performances

By Snowy English / August 09, 2019

Snowy English student had a performance this month in the event called Show and Tell.

Children told story about their favorite seasons, food and fruit. Hopefully they will gain more confidence.

Learning Vocabularies at the Shop

By Snowy English / August 09, 2019

Learning vocabularies could be at the shop too!

We went to shop and learned some vocabularies in the food section. Children made presentation about their favorite food and drink there.

Celebrating Birthday at Snowy English...

By Snowy English / April 08, 2019

The students sometimes celebrate their Birthdays in Snowy English.

We are so grateful, Thank You for sharing your special and happy moments with us Dear Students !

Snowy Cares Charity Program for Tsunami Victims

By Snowy English / April 07, 2019

Our annual charity program Snowy Cares has collected Rp. 20.000.000 donation from Snowy English Parents, students, and the selling of second hand items in our centers.

We have distributed the donation to the victims of Tsunami in Sunda Strait in Pandeglang, Banten.

Thank You to Snowy English Parents & Students!


English Competition for Kindergartens in Serpong & Bintaro

By Snowy English / April 07, 2019

It's the fifth time that Snowy English with TK Pembangunan Jaya Bintaro hold English Competition for Kindergartens in Bintaro & Serpong Area.

This Year's theme we use our Snowy English Android Apps for the Competition. There are 2 rounds in this competition :

  1. Guessing words / Vocabularies
  2. Spelling Competition using Snowy English Apps

Good luck to the winners!

Graduation Day for Our Advance Students

By Snowy English / February 09, 2019

"Post Advance 3 Graduation Day". You have completed your learning journey in Snowy English. Thank You graduates, you're actually the ones that have inspired us be always persistent, as you have shown us your consistency and high motivation in learning. Congratulations Graduates


Mother's Day Card and Chocolate for Mommies

By Snowy English / February 08, 2019

December is a special month because there is one special day in December! Mother's Day Festival was held on December 22. Students made special card and special letters for mommies. They made special flower and chocolate for mommies.

It's time to thank and appreciate mommies for their forever love and supports to us.

Advance Class Students : Visit to Pandora Experience

By Snowy English / February 08, 2019

Pandora Experience is the Ultimate Escape Game Adventure where players will work as a team to solve the problems nd puzzles together then try to escape from the locked room.

Snowy English Advance Students went field trip to Pandora Experience Alam Sutra. We tried the Alcatraz and Chernobyl Game Room. It involved physical activities and the most exciting thing was : "we had to find the clues and found some surprising things inside the room".

Such an exciting experience for us!

Snowy English : Field Trip to BFC Farm

By Snowy English / February 08, 2019

Kids love animals, especially when they get to interact with them.

Snowy English went field trip to visit Animals in BFC Farm.Students saw and played together with cute animas : Hedgehog, Rabbit, otter, sugar glider, turtles. It was so much fun!

New Apps! Snowy Apps : Mobile Application for Learning English

By Snowy English / October 19, 2018

Dear All,

We have great news! Snowy English has just launched mobile Application for children! This apps are made by Snowy English students and our IT Development Team.

Download : Game "Snowy flashcards" dan beri rating 5 di Google Play Store

Hadiah spesial untuk yang berhasil mendapatkan semua piala/mencapai 400 points, mendapatkan hadiah langsung di Snowy English Bintaro 9 atau Snowy Graha Bintaro. Informasi lebih lanjut bisa menghubungi 021-7458080

Beberapa games yang sudah tersedia:

  1. "Snowy flashcards" : Games membantu anak belajar ABC dan mengenal kosa kata dalam bahasa Inggris


The Winners of Story Telling Competition 2018

By Snowy English / September 20, 2018

This September we held a Story Telling Competition. The Students successfully told the stories from Snowy English Story Books.

And the winners of this competition are:

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!

By Snowy English / August 21, 2018

Happy Independence Day! ~From Snowy English students Let's unite for the brighter future of Indonesia

Snowy English Story Telling Competition 2018

By Snowy English / August 21, 2018

Snowy English Story Telling Competition Special for: SNOWY LeVel 3, Jumpers 1 and Jumpers 2 Students, 2018

Registration Period: July 16-July 31, 2018

Choose 1 Story from 6 stories. "Snowy and Friends Stories. Pdf

Performance & Competition Period : August 14-August 31, 2018 at Snowy English

6 Winners will get Trophies, Special Prizes (Smart Watches) and Scholarship Tuition from Snowy English, Total Prize: Rp. 4.000.000!

Each participant will get 100 points for their point rewards

Let's Join the Competition! Improve Your English, Develop Your Confidence ^.^

Fun Project of Advance Class

By Snowy English / August 21, 2018

Project about Japan. After making the project, we made 'onirigazu'. In advance class, we always make a fun project at the end of each unit.

Native Class - Story Telling by Mr.Brookins

By Snowy English / April 30, 2018

We had a lively class with Mr. Brookins this April. By story telling, children develop their listening skills, and Mr. Brookins stimulated the students to speak up and answer the questions. Every one was so excited!

Baby Snowy Program

By Snowy English / April 30, 2018

Introducing our Baby Snowy Program, special for 2-3 years old.

Developing cognitive, emotional and social skills for small children.

At the end of the day, every body is so happy, Teachers, Students and Parents :)

Jumpers Class Snowy English

By Snowy English / April 30, 2018

Jumpers class is a special class for 7-8 years old. We start to learn grammar and writing, but in fun ways!

Snowy Cares 2018

By Snowy English / April 30, 2018

Our annual program is the social activity, namely "Snowy Cares" : charity bazaar and social visit to Yayasan Sayap Ibu.

All donation has been distributed to Kids Cancer Foundation and Sayap Ibu Foundation. Thank you Parents and Students !


Winners of Coloring Competition Snowy English 2018

By Snowy English / February 01, 2018

Snowy English held Coloring Competition for Baby Snowy Students, and Students of Snowy Level 1 & 2.

The book is called " Snowy English Coloring Book Adventure" The children need to color all the pages and return the book back to Snowy. The winners get Trophies and Students Points from Snowy English.

Snowy English visit to TK Pembangunan Jaya Bintaro

By Snowy English / February 01, 2018

We had a fun trip to TK Pembangunan Jaya Bintaro. Children played togethers, learned science and experienced fun activities at the school. Thank you TK PJ!

Native Class at Snowy English with Mr. Fox

By Snowy English / November 06, 2017

In October we had a native class session with Mr. Aren Fox at Snowy English. Children learn new vocabularies, and engage conversation with Mr. Aren. The theme is Halloween, and children wore special costumes to Snowy. They were all so excited! We made special cupcakes, made Halloween masks, and danced together.

See you again in the next native class sessions in Snowy English!

Snowy English Online Library

By Snowy English / September 21, 2017

Good News from Snowy English!

Snowy English Online Library. Children could access more than 10.000 English Books.

  • Children can choose their books interest / genre : (Fiction, Non Fiction, Arts & Crafts, Novels, Science, Social Studies, Animals).
  • The System tells the Number of books browsed and read, number of words and pages read, time spent reading -- along with student use of literacy tools that allow them to highlight, annotate and more within their own digital copies of the text
  • Enhanced digital reading content
  • The Lexile® Framework for Reading
  • Real Time Report to monitor activity and gr...

CYLET Graduation and Potluck Party!

By Snowy English / July 24, 2017

Congratulations to Cylet Graduates, We appreciate your efforts, you have received good results from Cambridge International Examinations!








Holiday Program : Making Puppet & Ventriloquist

By Snowy English / July 24, 2017

It's nice to learn New Things! In this Holiday Program, we learned how to make puppet and ventriloquist techniques with Kak Iman :)







Snowy Cares Program ~ Visit to Yayasan Sayap Ibu

By Snowy English / July 24, 2017

Thank you Parents and Snowy English students for your support and donation in our annual Snowy Cares Program. We have distributed them to Yayasan Sayap Ibu, Cancer Kids Foundation and ACT, May 2017.








What a Fun Holiday Program at Snowy English!

By Snowy English / June 01, 2017

Yeayy School Holiday is Coming! Snowy English has interesting choices of activities for your holiday.

This June Let's Experience Educational Holiday with Snowy English :)

  1. Making Games Application by Snowy English & Mr. Zul, Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia (13/6/2017)

  2. Science Experiments+Competition by Snowy English & Learning Plus Team (15/6/2017)

  3. Making Puppets and Ventriloquist Techniques by Kak Iman (6/6/2017)

  4. Photography Workshop by Klifonara Binus University (8/6/2017) Or you can also join our Regular Holiday Program (Reading Comprehension + Fun Activities - th...

Soft Opening our New Branch : Snowy English Fortune Graha Bintaro

By Snowy English / May 15, 2017

Good News for Graha Bintaro family!

Snowy English just opened its new branch in Ruko Fortune Graha Bintaro. After 6 years in giving service to our customers in Bintaro Utama Sector 9, on May 6th 2017 we open our new branch in Fortune Graha Bintaro. Our center is located at Ruko Fortune FB/C no. 16 Graha Bintaro. For more information, contact our new center : (021) 229-27-345.

For May- June registration, get special discount on registratioin and free 3 sessions for holiday program activities.

See you in Fortune Graha!






Cambridge CYLET Certificate for Snowy English students

By Snowy English / April 14, 2017

Congratulations! Certificate from Cambridge, UK : International English Assesment for our students, 2017.

Cambridge English Young Learners test is the way for students to gain confidence and improve their English skills. The tests are written around familiar topics and focus on the skills needed to communicate effectively in English through listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Congratulations Snowy English students!






International Assesment: Cambridge Young Learners English Test

By Snowy English / April 14, 2017

Cambridge English Young Learners English Test is developed by Cambridge Language Assessment, part of University of Cambrige, to encourage and motivate young learners and assess their English skills in 4 areas : listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The tests are created for children and use topics they are familiar with. All of the exams cover the four language skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Students are encouraged to move through the three levels: Starters, Movers and Flyers.

Starter Level


Movers Level


Flyers Level


The Result of Snowy English Photo & Video Competition!

By Snowy English / March 22, 2017

Snowy English Photo & Video Announcement (Saturday, March 11 2017).

And the hoverboard goes to our most creative student....Sacchio!






Congratulations to the Winners and to all of the participants!!! The Winners of The Best Liked Photos and Videos, also for the Best Photos and Videos category. We greatly appreciate your efforts in joining this competition.

Snowy English Puppet Show Performance

By Snowy English / March 22, 2017

Snowy English came to TK Budi Mulia 2 Bintaro where the students had the annual camping event in their school. We were invited to present the Puppet Show to the children. Since the theme was about camping, we made a story about Snowy and Friends little Adventure.

Featuring Snowy, Puffy abd Pixie the cute penguins, the story told about their adventure meeting the White Wolf and the Shark and getting new friends, the dolphins.

The children were so excited ! Hope to perform again in the next Puppet Show Performance from Snowy English Teachers, maybe in your school :)







English Competition for 18 Schools around Jakarta

By Snowy English / February 21, 2017

Snowy English held English Competition in cooperation with TK Pembangunan Jaya. There were 18 Kindergarten schools participating in this event. Finally 6 schools became the winner of this exciting competition.

For the first round, students tried to be as fast as they could to get the flashcards that were mentioned by the judges.

In the second round, they did the miming action, and finally in the third round they need to answer questions and riddles by the teachers.

It was such fun competition, and all students enjoyed it! Congratulations to all of the winners!

Snowy Competition.jpg







Snowy English Photo & Video Competition

By Snowy English / January 25, 2017

Let's join Snowy English Photo / Video Competition and get a chance to win Special Hoverboard from Snowy English. Total prizes ~ 7 Million rupiahs!

  • 6 winners (3 Best Photos and 3 Best Videos) will be receiving trophies and tuition vouchers

  • 6 more winners (3 Most Liked Photos & 3 Most Liked Videos) in Facebook and Instagram will receive Snowy Merchandises and Shopping Vouchers.**

  1. How to win? Take a picture with Snowy Background at Snowy English Center, or make a video using Snowy English Song Theme :

  2. Period of Competition : January 17th - February 17th...

What Makes it different in Snowy English ?

By Snowy English / January 11, 2017

Snowy English celebrated its new brand (January 7th, 2017). The students had some performances and we gathered to celebrate and wish for the success of this institution.

What makes it different in Snowy English?

  1. In Snowy English, children learn the moral values and they could express and communicate the words nicely in English. For example: Embedded in the lesson units, children will be practicing gratitude / Thank you, learn to say sorry and forgive others also learn how to show respects to others by using English language.

  2. In Snowy English, we encourage the creativity skill of the studen...

Mari Kenali Kecerdasan Anak Kita!

By Snowy English / January 06, 2017

Mari Kenali Kecerdasan dan Potensi Anak Kita.

Pada dasarnya setiap anak dilahirkan sebagai Maha Karya Tuhan (God’s Master piece). Setiap anak memiliki kelebihan dan keunggulan masing-masing, yang apabila ditemukan oleh orang tuanya, lalu distimulasi dan dikembangkan dengan baik, maka potensi itu akan melejit, sehingga anak-anak akan tumbuh menjadi orang yang hebat dan mandiri, dan dapat bermanfaat tidak hanya untuk diri sendiri, namun juga untuk lingkungannya.

Teori Kecerdasan Multipel (Multiple Intellegence Theory) yang dikembangkan oleh Howard Gardner mengungkapkan bahwa setiap manusia mempu...

Snowy Holiday Program

By Snowy English / January 06, 2017

Dear Friends,

It has been a while since we write in here, I know. So how was your school holiday?? I am sure some of you joined our Holiday Program, right??

We had a lot of things going on back then. There were India Day, Germany Day, and Phonics & Reading Comprehension Program. Our Phonics & RC Program was opened for public and we met new faces. So exciting! We were not only learning how to read and how to understand a text, but we also made a lot of things such as art ‘n craft and science projects. Oh! Even cooking project! The kids enjoyed our activities very much and you can see their phot...

Snowy Loves Indonesia!

By Snowy English / January 06, 2017

In celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day, Snowy’s English Bintaro and Cintai Indonesia Boutique hold an event called “Duta Cinta Indonesia”.

For the opening, Snowy’s English choir presented “Tanah Air” song to represent the Independence Day and related to the theme also. The children sang the song enthusiastically.

After the welcoming speech from Ms. Vienna (the owner of Cintai Indonesia Boutique) and Ms. Selvia Lirita (The Manager of Snowy’s English Bintaro), we had the special event “Duta Cinta Indonesia” which presented by Snowy’s English Bintaro students. They wore Indonesia’s tradition...

Mr. Brookins : Thanksgiving Festival

By Snowy English / December 15, 2016
Mr. Brookins, our native teacher was so excited to tell us about Thanksgiving. It’s a celebration when families in America gather and say Thank You to God for the food and for the good things in the family. Mr. Brookins showed us the Flashcards of delicious Food in Thanksgiving days like pumpkin pie and Roasted Turkey. After learning the new words, we played some games together!

Our Visit to ASEAN Secretariat Office

By Snowy English / December 16, 2016

It was a great time having the opportunity to visit ASEAN Secretariat Office.

In this visit, we learned about ASEAN, the organization members, its vision and mission along with its programs. We sang the ASEAN anthem, played some games and discussed about the programs and our roles as ASEAN youth members.

We visited the gallery and the library, and we took pictures in the lobby. Thank you for the warm welcome from ASEAN Secretariat Office. As part of ASEAN community, we've learned many things today!

Fun Holiday Programs in Snowy English

By Snowy English / January 06, 2017

Our Last holiday programs in Snowy English, we had such wonderful time!

These were our Holiday Program activities in Snowy English:

  1. Cooking Class: Poffertjes with Strawberry Ice Cream, Making Chocolate is Fun!
  2. Science Project: Abraca Science, Ballonatic, and Eggciting
  3. Arts and Craft : T-Shirt painting, My Special Kites and My Favorite Piggy Bank
  4. Social Visit : Visit the Orphanage (Yayasan Sayap Ibu)

  5. Children Go Green: Delman riding, Planting Trees.





Hope to see you again in our next holiday program :)

Visit to Froggy Castle

By Snowy English / November 24, 2016

Hello! After a busy week finally we can deliver you the happiness in Holiday Program last year where we went to a fun and educational place called Froggy Edutography in BSD, Tangerang.

What’s so cool about Froggy? If you have ever heard about Howard Gardner‘s Multiple Intelligences (MI) Theory to find in what field we will excel, or if you have ever heard Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) by Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, then those two giants of children development theories — are what Froggy is all about.

We believe we would learn much from our trip to Froggy since the man behind Froggy’s education...

Phonics Reading Program

By Snowy English / November 23, 2016

Our English Course Snowy English, has intensive reading program namely, "Amazing Phonics". Our phonics Curriculum is from US, and children are taught with phonics method.

What is Phonics? Phonics is the relationship between letters and sounds in a word or language. By learning phonics, children could spell the words easily, and he or she will read with correct pronunciation and write the letters correctly.

In our phonics class, children will experience fun activities! They will watch movie,read interesting books, play computer, learn with letter-play dough and word games to motivate their read...

Baby Snowy Students go to the Market!

By Snowy English / November 24, 2016

On Thursday, our baby Snowy students experienced a fun field trip, visiting a local market in Bintaro. Before, they had learned about fruits and vegetables inside the class and they are encouraged to review the words in the field trip session.

Our Baby Snowy class is a very fun English class, the program is for 2-3 years old children. In this level, children are not only taught about the language and knowledge, but this program is also aimed to develop their social skills since the early age.

At 9.30 am we arrived in the local market in Bintaro. First they learned about Fruits and Vegetables ...

Visit From Mr.Brian

By Snowy English / November 23, 2016

Our guest teacher from Australia, Mr. Brian Taylor came to our english course and taught us a lot of interesting things about his beloved country Australia. He told us story about Australian animals like Kangaroo, Koala, Wombat and Wallaby, we made some Australian arts and crafts and we sang Australian song together.

Hope to see you again Mr. Brian!

Learning Texas Culture with Mr. Hugh

By Snowy English / November 27, 2016
Learning Texas Culture with Mr. Hugh (Belajar tentang Texas dengan Mr. Hugh)

Pizza Making in Pizza Express

By Snowy English / November 18, 2016
Pizza Making in Pizza Express Bintaro (Pembuatan Pizza di Pizza Express Bintaro) oleh siswa Snowy English Bintaro

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