Fun Project of Advance Class

By Snowy English / August 02, 2018
Project about Japan. After making the project, we made 'onirigazu'. In advance class, we always make a fun project at the end of each unit.

Native Class - Story Telling by Mr.Brookins

By Snowy English / April 23, 2018
We had a lively class with Mr. Brookins this April. By story telling, children develop their listening skills, and Mr. Brookins stimulated the students to speak up and answer the questions. Every one was so excited!

Baby Snowy Program

By Snowy English / March 24, 2018
Introducing our Baby Snowy Program, special for 2-3 years old. Developing cognitive, emotional and social skills for small children. At the end of the day, every body is so happy, Teachers, Students and Parents :)

Jumpers Class Snowy English

By Snowy English / March 06, 2018
Jumpers class is a special class for 7-8 years old. We start to learn grammar and writing, but in fun ways!

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