The Winners of Story Telling Competition 2018

By Snowy English / September 19, 2018
This September we held a Story Telling Competition. The Students successfully told the stories from Snowy English Story Books. And the winners of this competition are:

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!

By Snowy English / August 17, 2018
Happy Independence Day! ~From Snowy English students Let's unite for the brighter future of Indonesia

Snowy English Story Telling Competition 2018

By Snowy English / August 14, 2018
Snowy English Story Telling Competition Special for: SNOWY LeVel 3, Jumpers 1 and Jumpers 2 Students, 2018 Registration Period: July 16-July 31, 2018 Choose 1 Story from 6 stories. "Snowy and Friends Stories. Pdf Performance & Competition Period : August 14-August 31, 2018 at Snowy English 6 Winners will get Trophies, Special Prizes (Smart Watches) and Scholarship Tuition from Snowy English, Total Prize: Rp. 4.000.000! Each participant will get 100 points for their point rewards Let's Join the Competition! Improve Your English, Develop Your Confidence ^.^

Fun Project of Advance Class

By Snowy English / August 02, 2018
Project about Japan. After making the project, we made 'onirigazu'. In advance class, we always make a fun project at the end of each unit.

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