The Result of Snowy English Photo & Video Competition!

By Snowy English / March 19, 2017
Snowy English Photo & Video Announcement (Saturday, March 11 2017). And the hoverboard goes to our most creative student....Sacchio! Congratulations to the Winners and to all of the participants!!! The Winners of The Best Liked Photos and Videos, also for the Best Photos and Videos category. We greatly appreciate your efforts in joining this competition.

Snowy English Puppet Show Performance

By Snowy English / March 15, 2017
Snowy English came to TK Budi Mulia 2 Bintaro where the students had the annual camping event in their school. We were invited to present the Puppet Show to the children. Since the theme was about camping, we made a story about Snowy and Friends little Adventure. Featuring Snowy, Puffy abd Pixie the cute penguins, the story told about their adventure meeting the White Wolf and the Shark and getting new friends, the dolphins. The children were so excited ! Hope to perform again in the next Puppet Show Performance from Snowy English Teachers, maybe in your school :)

English Competition for 18 Schools around Jakarta

By Snowy English / February 19, 2017
Snowy English held English Competition in cooperation with TK Pembangunan Jaya. There were 18 Kindergarten schools participating in this event. Finally 6 schools became the winner of this exciting competition. For the first round, students tried to be as fast as they could to get the flashcards that were mentioned by the judges. In the second round, they did the miming action, and finally in the third round they need to answer questions and riddles by the teachers. It was such fun competition, and all students enjoyed it! Congratulations to all of the winners!

Snowy English Photo & Video Competition

By Snowy English / January 17, 2017
Let's join Snowy English Photo / Video Competition and get a chance to win Special Hoverboard from Snowy English. Total prizes ~ 7 Million rupiahs! 6 winners (3 Best Photos and 3 Best Videos) will be receiving trophies and tuition vouchers 6 more winners (3 Most Liked Photos & 3 Most Liked Videos) in Facebook and Instagram will receive Snowy Merchandises and Shopping Vouchers.** How to win? Take a picture with Snowy Background at Snowy English Center, or make a video using Snowy English Song Theme : Period of Competition : January 17th - February 17th...

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