What Makes it different in Snowy English ?

By Snowy English / January 11, 2017
Snowy English celebrated its new brand (January 7th, 2017). The students had some performances and we gathered to celebrate and wish for the success of this institution. What makes it different in Snowy English? In Snowy English, children learn the moral values and they could express and communicate the words nicely in English. For example: Embedded in the lesson units, children will be practicing gratitude / Thank you, learn to say sorry and forgive others also learn how to show respects to others by using English language. In Snowy English, we encourage the creativity skill of the studen...

Mari Kenali Kecerdasan Anak Kita!

By Snowy English / January 06, 2017
Mari Kenali Kecerdasan dan Potensi Anak Kita. Pada dasarnya setiap anak dilahirkan sebagai Maha Karya Tuhan (God’s Master piece). Setiap anak memiliki kelebihan dan keunggulan masing-masing, yang apabila ditemukan oleh orang tuanya, lalu distimulasi dan dikembangkan dengan baik, maka potensi itu akan melejit, sehingga anak-anak akan tumbuh menjadi orang yang hebat dan mandiri, dan dapat bermanfaat tidak hanya untuk diri sendiri, namun juga untuk lingkungannya. Teori Kecerdasan Multipel (Multiple Intellegence Theory) yang dikembangkan oleh Howard Gardner mengungkapkan bahwa setiap manusia mempu...

Snowy Holiday Program

By Snowy English / January 02, 2017
Dear Friends, It has been a while since we write in here, I know. So how was your school holiday?? I am sure some of you joined our Holiday Program, right?? We had a lot of things going on back then. There were India Day, Germany Day, and Phonics & Reading Comprehension Program. Our Phonics & RC Program was opened for public and we met new faces. So exciting! We were not only learning how to read and how to understand a text, but we also made a lot of things such as art ‘n craft and science projects. Oh! Even cooking project! The kids enjoyed our activities very much and you can see their phot...

Snowy Loves Indonesia!

By Snowy English / December 22, 2016
In celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day, Snowy’s English Bintaro and Cintai Indonesia Boutique hold an event called “Duta Cinta Indonesia”. For the opening, Snowy’s English choir presented “Tanah Air” song to represent the Independence Day and related to the theme also. The children sang the song enthusiastically. After the welcoming speech from Ms. Vienna (the owner of Cintai Indonesia Boutique) and Ms. Selvia Lirita (The Manager of Snowy’s English Bintaro), we had the special event “Duta Cinta Indonesia” which presented by Snowy’s English Bintaro students. They wore Indonesia’s tradition...

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