Baby Snowy is a program for 2-3 years old. This program is a preparation class to enter Snowy Level 1. The objectives of the program are to develop :

  • The Student’s Cognitive and Language skills
    Students will learn basic vocabularies and new knowledge, they will learn 20 interesting topic like Vegetable, Fruits, Shapes, Colors, Animals, Health, Transportation, Food & Drink, Nature in various Fun activities
  • Social and Interpersonal skill
    Toddlers will learn to interact with other friends and other moral values (learn to share, take turn, ask permissions, and say Thank You)
  • Kinesthetic Development
    Students will develop their gross motoric development through Physical Exercises and Circle Time, Song and Movement and also fine motoric development with Montessori and fine art activities
  • Creativity and Intrapersonal Skill
    Students are introduced to some creative projects, and they are encouraged to be more confident and independent. Students will learn through various interesting activities for example : Art & Craft, Cooking Time, Movie Time, Flash Cards Science Projects, Story Telling, Field trip and Visit

Parents will be connected to the progress of their children with regular reports and parents conference.