Advance & Post Advance

Advance Level is the program for pre teens and teens aged 9-15 years old.

The teenage years are a unique period of growth and development that are filled with energy, excitement and new experiences.

The main objectives of this program are to develop the creativity skills in making Exciting Projects, also to develop listening and speaking comprehension skill through multimedia, discussion and presentation. Students will also be challenged with reading comprehension practices - stories graded at the appropriate level, and writing their projects or journals.

In the Advance Level, students will learn about International Culture and Language Across Curriculum as they will learn other Subjects ex : Biology, Science, Math, Geography, IT, History delivered in English.

At the end of the level, Students will experience higher level of International English Test (Cambridge International English Tests Flyers, KET & PET).


Parents will be connected to the progress of their children with regular reports and parents conference.